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We provide a wide set of services to help technology companies gain traction, build market momentum, and scale quickly to meet growing demand for their products. Our goals for each client: high-performing teams, market-beating products, and a healthy, successful culture.

Our seasoned team of technical leaders has led companies through all stages of growth, from the early founder-led days through hypergrowth to assembling and leading teams across three continents. We’ve been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it. Because of this, we know how to make startups successful at any stage and we can help you avoid the traps that lie in your path.

As experienced technologists, we take a business-first approach to every conversation because we know that technology is only successful when it provides a competitive advantage. By understanding what’s unique about your business -- and making sure that you do, too -- we can apply our expertise to building the right product at the right time for your market and your phase of growth.

We engage in multiple ways, including:

  • Free coaching and mentoring: we want to give first, so occasional advice or coaching is free, forever.

  • Fractional leadership: one or two days a week from our CxO leaders can set your product and team on the right path and increase their efficiency tenfold.

  • Full project teams: we can quickly assemble a team of engineers, designers, and product managers to build your product for you, all led by our senior consultants.

If you’re an early-stage company (<20 employees) we’ll help you:

  • Find your market, define your product/market fit, and create a product strategy

  • Build your product, either by qualifying and managing an external development firm or by providing you with our own team of high-quality designers and developers

  • Build your team when the time is right by finding, interviewing, and leading your own internal engineering team

  • Raise funds by providing an experienced, trustworthy voice for your technical strategy and implementation when you meet with prospective investors

If you’re a rapidly growing scale-up company (>20 employees), we’ll help you:

  • Scale your product strategy with an effective roadmap that balances the needs of existing and new customers

  • Grow quickly without breaking your culture or your team, by identifying current and potential communication breakdowns and bringing just the right amount of process to keep things running smoothly

  • Build new teams and new leaders by defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations and then helping you find and grow the right people in your organization

  • Make the transition from tactical leadership (telling everyone what to do every day) to strategic leadership (clearly setting and communicating a vision and trusting your teams to deliver on it)

At any stage we can also help you with the blocking and tackling of building an effective technology business:

  • Personalized customer service programs

  • Information security assessment and program development

  • Agile product and project management

  • Product and engineering leadership coaching

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