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Our Services

We provide a wide set of services to help early- and mid-stage software companies gain traction, build market momentum, and scale quickly to meet growing demand for their products. Our goals for each client: high-performing teams, market-beating products, and a healthy, successful culture.

These services include:

  • Technology strategy assessment
  • Product/market fit analysis
  • UI/UX design for web products and mobile applications 
  • Project management/process improvement
  • Product management/product ownership
  • Product development
  • Personalized customer service programs
  • Information security assessment and program development
  • Engineering organization design and scaling
  • Product and engineering leadership coaching

Bridging the Funding Gap

As VCs and angel investors move further up the chain, it's becoming more and more difficult for early entrepreneurs to find the help they need to bring their products to market. "Pre-seed is the new seed round" and friends and family can only get you so far. We want to help, so we've created a new service offering to help you gain that valuable traction that investors need to see. Working with a select group of partners, we can help you design and build your product for a combination of reduced billing rates and equity. We handle the paperwork and administration so you can focus on getting your product in the hands of your customers. You get access to high-quality, reputable service providers at a reduced rate, while also building a network of companies with a vested interest in your success. If you're interested in discussing this further, click on "Request a proposal" below. 

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Mentoring and advice

Have questions about how to build your product or your team? Need advice or connections to take the next step? Just need someone else to share the load for a while? 

We can help, and it's free. Always.

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Need help building your product or running a project? Want someone to cover part of your business until you're ready for full-time leadership?

We have the skills and resources you need to get to the next level.

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