Announcing Da Primus Consulting

"Give First."

These words drew me and my family to Boulder in 2009. We were drawn to a place that favored community over cutthroat competition, support over secrecy, where one company's success was a victory for everyone. We came here to join a small but rapidly growing group of people who wanted to tackle wicked problems and change the world through entrepreneurship. And boy, am I glad that we did.

"Give first." It's more than a motto: it's a way of life that looks at the world not as a Darwinian experiment but as a system that returns what you put into it. If you sow generously, then you'll reap generously. If you're only here to harvest, then you'll find that the resources eventually dry up. "For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Give, and it will come back to you. And if it doesn't, then that's OK, too, because you helped someone who needed it.

Giving has always been a big part of my personal life, and now I'm making it the center of my professional life as well with the founding of Da Primus Consulting. "Da Primus" means "give first" in Latin, and this company starts with giving: mentoring, advice, connections to people who can help young companies gain the traction they need. For free, forever. No one who comes to us looking for help needs to wonder when the sales process ends and the meter starts running. If you want guidance to put you on the right track, you'll get it. Simple as that.

If you want to go beyond guidance, beyond leaving with the right list of to-dos, and you want someone to help you build your company, that's where the consulting begins. We can help set your technology strategy, test the product/market fit, build your team, even build the product itself. You decide where you need help so that you can focus on growing the business, and Da Primus has it covered.

We're also building a network of like-minded people who want to give their skills and experience to help young companies grow. Over time, we'll offer a single point of contact for all of a startup's needs, from legal and accounting to patent filing and marketing, all delivered with the "give first" attitude. Along with this, we'll provide innovative approaches to funding early development, including reduced rates, deferred payment, and equity-driven approaches that give new companies the flexibility they need to get started, while providing a shared incentive to help them succeed.

Da Primus. Give first and we all succeed.